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Solar Modules

With nearly 20 years of production experience under its belt, SOLARWATT GmbH ranks among the pioneers of the German solar-energy industry. What started in 1993 as a two-person company is now one of the nation's leading manufacturers of solar modules – a provider of intelligent energy solutions for both private and commercial uses. BHC customers can benefit from SOLARWATT's innovative products, exceptional quality, expert consultation and comprehensive service! Solarwatt panels offer the longest warranties available and also come with a free 5 year insurance from Aon, at no extra cost.
Solarwatt Glass-Glass modules are the only modules in the world that come 30 year product and performance warranties.


PEIMAR is an Italian company specialising in the design, research and production of high effiency solar modules. PEIMAR solar panels include several lines with different characteristics,but with the highest standards of quality and efficiency. The very accurate quality control makes possible to achieve the highest standards of efficiency and reliability, which guarantee a positive power tolerance and high performance even in low light weather conditions, as well as high resistance to weather, such as hail, snow loads and wind.

Thier modules come with a 30 year performance warranty and a 20 year product warranty.







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