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Case Studies

Lookers PLC – 250kw Solarwatt installation

In October 2015 Lookers PLC decided, as part of a greener more environmentally friendly approach to their businesses, to pursue 50kw solar PV installations on several of their dealerships spread throughout England. Lookers viewed solar PV as the perfect solution to make their businesses more energy efficient, installing Solar PV allowed Lookers to have a reliable source of green energy which they could use in their businesses, saving them thousands of pounds on their electricity bills while also reducing their carbon foot print. Lookers have consciously sought to bring their carbon emissions down by previously installing biomass boilers in suitable locations throughout the UK. Electricity reduction was the next rational step. The installation comprised five different dealerships located across England; the dealerships included Renault, Mercedes, Ford, Skoda and Volkswagen.

The imminent FIT (Feed in Tariff) cut to be introduced in January 2016 meant that there was a very tight time frame in which to complete the required installations. BHC Distributors beat off competition from our Solar PV suppliers due to their high quality products and vast experience in the renewable energy sector.

BHC only offers Solarwatt PV panels, a German module manufacturer with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. The company are 90% owned by Stefan Quandt of the BMW family. BMW and Solarwatt have strong partnerships due to this and their quality products stand side by side. Being a quality German manufacturer and offering market leading 30 year product warranties, 30 year linear performance warranties and a 5 year all risks insurance package from AON with their glass on glass module range puts Solarwatt streets ahead of their module manufacturing rivals. The Solarwatt module was a key factor for lookers choosing to move ahead with the installations and the 5 year all risks insurance policy for the Solarwatt panel range which lookers chose gave the company the peace of mind that their sizable investment had long-term security.

Coupled with the Solarwatt modules BHC used the Schweizer mounting system for the trapezoidal and flat roof systems. The Schweizer system was designed and marketed by hilti for a number of years and had just come back re-branded as Schweizer in 2015. The mounting system comes with a 10 year warranty and fits in perfectly with BHC strategy of offering top quality products. Most of the installations used Schweizer’s MSP-TT Mini Rail kit, the only exception was Lookers Mercedes in Crawley which was installed using a flat roof system, one of the most cost effective systems available on the market. Delta inverters were chosen as being the perfect fit for the commercial installations. The 50kw inverter especially is fantastic for these installations and the 10 year warranty again shows the quality of the product.

In total the installations amounted to some 960 panels which will deliver a total generation of around 217,500kwh of free, green energy to Lookers PLC and also reduce their carbon footprint by 109,135kg per year.