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Case Studies

Culmore Farm – 49.92kw Solarwatt Installation

Culmore Organic Farm was established in 2008, with the purpose of marketing organic beef to local consumers, as well as supplying some local restaurants with a high quality, dry aged beef. Business at Culmore has flourished and they now also offer organic potatoes and high quality milk produce.

Demand for Culmore’s produce is ever growing and the organisation has become the standard for organic farming in Northern Ireland.

At the huge Culmore Organic Farm, the owners follow closely the organic ethos of high animal welfare, and sustainability and are therefore very much orientated towards a healthier and "Greener” future for the Northern Ireland consumer, something which they have taken steps to deliver on not only through their organic range of produce but through their creation of a sustainable twenty acre hardwood forest and the installation of a medium sized wind turbine!

Nevertheless to operate successfully on such a large scale, high quality, farming project such as that at Culmore involves premium running costs and this is something which Culmore certainly incurred through the installation of their high tech automatic milking parlour! As the latest in farming innovation, these machines run constantly at Culmore to accommodate the free environment in which Culmore’s livestock live and therefore the electricity running costs of these machines are obviously very expensive.

Culmore decided that in order to lower their carbon footprint in-line with their green ambitions and also to reduce their running costs further they would like to install an additional large scale renewable energy project at their farming complex and therefore, as one of Northern Ireland’s leading expert suppliers, the Culmore owners chose us and our panels for a 49.92kW Solar PV installation to complement their already successful wind turbine!

We undertook the large scale project in early March 2013 and completed installation in one week with no disruption to Culmore’s daily working routine. For this installation we used: 192 of our quality spec, high performance, German partner Solarwatt’s panels, an excellent Schweizer mounting kit specifically designed for the type of shed roofs at Culmore, three top quality SMA STP 17000TL-21 inverters and also added some of the latest, most innovative performance monitoring components and features including the SMA Sunny WebBox and Online Sunny Portal.
The installation has been a complete success and Culmore are now operating at much reduced electricity running cost, benefiting from all ROC’s applicable to this size of installation and are further in-line with their green objectives. All performance data on the installation and the panels are available by viewing the installation on the Sunny portal (search for Culmore farm). This is a fantastic addition to the installation for Culmore as it allows the owners to monitor the exact performance of the PV System and therefore evaluate their investment! As of June 2016 Culmore farm has generated 160,381 kwh of free green electricity and avoided CO2 emissions of 112,581kg!!