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Case Studies

Ballymena Business Centre – 19.6kw Soalrwatt installation

Ballymena Business Centre was established in 1989 as a social enterprise to provide vital support for those thinking of starting a business and for those seeking to develop an existing business. Today their focus remains firmly fixed on promoting an enterprise culture, nurturing new business start-ups and providing a range of business solutions to help grow an existing business.
In 2006 the Company was recognised as the Northern Ireland Winner of the Enterprising Britain Award and Highly Commended at a United Kingdom level in London for promoting entrepreneurship in disadvantaged areas. In 2010 the Company was recognised again at a Northern Ireland level and Highly Commended for outstanding contribution to enterprise through the promotion of entrepreneurship through local enterprise partnerships.

Ballymena Business Centre run a huge complex at their Fenaghy Road premise, where they offer clients numerous facilities including conference rooms and let buildings. Running at full capacity the company incurs high electricity running costs through lighting, operating computers and powering the conference suites etc and therefore they wanted to do something about it that would lower their electricity costs and also maintain a strong commitment to Green Energy.

As result they decided to go about a commercial sized, 19.6kW, Solar PV installation. The installation was completed in February 2013 using eighty of our German partner Solarwatt’s finest crafted Poly-crystalline solar panels and the excellent SMA STP 17000-TL inverter.

As part of the installation we also added some innovative performance monitoring components including the: SMA Sunny Matrix Display Unit which provides a live running ticker of performance data to all at Ballymena Business Centre’s reception room, an SMA Sunny Beam Bluetooth device which sits at the manager desk providing a live stream of performance data on the panels again, and also a SMA Sunny WebBox.

We also connected the installation to the internet and the live Sunny Portal where a dedicated web page interrogates the performance data of the installation, collates it, and displays it in easy to understand graph format! As result Ballymena Business Centre can now access and evaluate exactly how their PV installation performs every day from anywhere in the world they wish! To access this please visit

Even in the early life of the Ballymena Business Centre installation, the PV system is performing exceptionally well and we expect this trend to continue due to the excellent quality components that were used; Solarwatt panels, the SMA inverter and the Schweizer mounting kit.