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Case Studies

Case Studies

Culmore Farm – 49.92kw Solarwatt Installation

Culmore Organic Farm was established in 2008, with the purpose of marketing organic beef to local consumers, as well as supplying some local restaurants with a high quality, dry aged beef. Business at Culmore has flourished and they now also offer organic potatoes and high quality milk produce.

Ballymena Business Centre – 19.6kw Soalrwatt installation

Ballymena Business Centre was established in 1989 as a social enterprise to provide vital support for those thinking of starting a business and for those seeking to develop an existing business. Today their focus remains firmly fixed on promoting an enterprise culture, nurturing new business start-ups and providing a range of business solutions to help grow an existing business.

Lookers PLC – 250kw Solarwatt installation

In October 2015 Lookers PLC decided, as part of a greener more environmentally friendly approach to their businesses, to pursue 50kw solar PV installations on several of their dealerships spread throughout England. Lookers viewed solar PV as the perfect solution to make their businesses more energy efficient, installing Solar PV allowed Lookers to have a reliable source of green energy which they could use in their businesses, saving them thousands of pounds on their electricity bills while also reducing their carbon foot print.